Smoked Applewood Salt

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Smoked Applewood Salt

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Flavor Profile
Our Smoked Applewood Salt has a savory flavor that is light, sweet and a bit fruity.

The Barbecuer's Choice
Ask any handful of hard core backyard or competition circuit barbequers what their favorite type of wood to use in their smoker is, and you’ll get a handful of woods that are mentioned most frequently – hickory, apple, pear, pecan, cherry and mesquite (especially for Texas style brisket) are all sure to make the list. While “favorite woods” vary depending on what they’re smoking and are based strictly on personal preference, each wood does provide a different flavor profile. For those that prefer aged applewood, they always mention its mild fruity flavor as the reason why this would be their preferred wood for chicken, fish and pork (especially ribs).

Smoked Salts are Not Created Equal
Not all smoked salts are the same, and the best quality smoked salts achieve their flavor by being cold smoked. Top grade smoked salts pick up the flavor characteristics of the wood they were smoked with – hickory, alder wood, apple wood and we’ve even found some small artisans who use wood from aged bourbon or wine barrels. Using smoked salts is an easy and flavorful way to add a rich smoky flavor with a gourmet twist to dishes or rubs.  

A lower quality (ok cheap) smoked applewood salt is usually an inexpensive “mined salt” salt with apple flavoring and coloring added. These types of salts are not even classified as pure salt products. 

In comparison, naturally smoked salts are made by smoking evaporated sea salt over wood. Processing smoked salt in this manor is much more expensive to manufacture, as this slow cooking method requires specialized smokers. Top quality smoked salts are smoked at low temperatures, also referred to as cold smoked, for 2-3 days. The cool smoke from these fires seeps into the salt crystals giving the distinctive and classic smoked taste. The resulting flavor is strong, yet gentle and is preferred by gourmet and home chefs alike. 

When and Where to Use
Smoked Applewood Salt is mild enough to use on bacon (yes bacon), chicken, eggs, fish, ham, pork, shellfish, sausage and is wonderful on vegetables. 

Smoked Applewood Salt may also become your secret ingredient when added to burgers, chicken, cheese dips, gravy, homemade jerky, potatoes, ribs, stuffing and turkey. We also find ourselves using it in spice rubs, barbeque mops and vinaigrettes.

Helpful Hints
A little goes a long way so use sparingly the first time or two, as you can always add more. 

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