All of the items in the BMI line are custom designed and built to order. Once you have purchased your item(s) we will contact you via phone to discuss your product and its estimated delivery time.

Shipping is NOT INCLUDED in the purchase price and you will be charged separately for shipping at the time your product is ready to ship.

Shipping Process

A. Once we have received your order from the website you should expect a call from one of our team members within 24 hours (weekdays) or the first working day (weekends) after your order has been placed. The purpose of this call is two-fold;

  1. To confirm that the shipping address is in fact correct.
  2. To inform you of our lead time and what will happen once your BMI product has been completed.

This helps us confirm that “you” are actually the one ordering from us, not someone who has scammed your credit card number. If your information does not match the information you give us over the phone we will NOT BUILD OR SHIP. Your information must match what you have provided us via our shopping cart for us to go ahead with your order.

B. When your artisan built BMI product(s) has/have been completed we will be contacting you again via phone to double check your shipping address and to inform you of the approximate charges for shipping. As our products are from up-cycled wine and bourbon barrels, weights are not always consistent. We will also email you a Credit Card Authorization form for you to fill in and return to us permitting us to charge you for the shipping.

C. Your order will be custom-packaged by specialists and shipped by UPS.  Please remember that SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED in the price of your BMI item(s). You are accountable for providing BMI with the Authorization form, so that we can ship your item(s) to you. If you do not provide us with this form, we cannot ship.

Your shipping rate is determined by the weight of your item(s) and by the zip code that you reside in. If you happen to live in or near our facility in San Diego, or are planning a visit to California you are more than welcome to pick up your items here without incurring any shipping charges.

D. Once your order has been shipped we will contact you with the shipping information, tracking number and estimated time of delivery to your location. The shipping charges will then be processed with the credit card you have provided.