Since 2009, Gustaf Rooth has created distinctive furniture from repurposed oak wine and bourbon barrels. Each piece is custom designed and hand crafted, perfectly blending form and function to create stunning pieces of heirloom quality furniture.
Each unique piece of furniture is produced in limited quantity, signed and numbered to guarantee individuality. Our unparalleled craftsmanship continually satisfies our collectors beyond expectation, which includes our chair design being covered by U.S. Design Patent (#D615313), making this a truly “one of a kind” piece of functional art.

The Planet Rooth Design Haus, first began producing its unique wine barrel chairs in 2009. The exquisite blend of art and function was quickly recognized by several prominent collectors and high-end department stores.
At their request, other pieces, such as the table and ottoman, were introduced. Over time, Barrelly Made It has gained respect for our commitment to eco-responsibility and is recognized for our superior craftsmanship. An extraordinary line of chairs, tables, ottomans, stools, benches, accessories and custom work are currently offered.